Slattern Edit


  • Trio of triple-crowned tails and highly resilient
  • Leathery reptilian scaling
  • High toxicity
  • Atomic Beam

Cthulhu Edit


  • Flight
  • Tentacles
  • Physic attack


Cthulhu is attacking New York. Then Slattern arrives and roars at Cthulhu. Cthulhu roars back.


Cthulhu flies into the air. Slattern fires his Atomic Beam at Cthulhu, but Cthulhu dodges. He flies at Slattern, but Slattern plants his fist into Cthulhu's stomach, Cthulhu's stomach imploding upon itself. He flies away from Slattern as Slattern pursues him. Suddenly, Cthulhu turns around and punches Slattern in the face. He then knees Slattern, making him crash on his back. Cthulhu pins Slattern with his foot. Slattern struggles to no avail. Suddenly, he fires his Atomic Beam at Cthulhu's leg, severing it. Cthulhu roars painfully as he flies off Slattern. Slattern gets up and fires his Atomic Beam at Cthulhu again, but Cthulhu dodges again. Slattern picks up a building and throws it at Cthulhu, but Cthulhu catches it and throws it back at Slattern. He then flies at Slattern, but Slattern whacks him with his tail, knocking him away from him. Cthulhu then grabs Slattern and carries him into the sky. He then flies over the ocean and flies into it. Slattern stabs Cthulhu in the back with his tails and throws him away from him. He swims downward as Cthulhu pursues him. Suddenly, he turns around and fires his Atomic Beam at Cthulhu's face, obliterating his skull. He then fires his Atomic Beam at Cthulhu's stomach, halving him. He then fires his Atomic Beam at Cthulhu until Cthulhu is no more.

Conclusion Edit

Cthulhu may be immortal, but he was torn in half by a steamboat. Also, Cthulhu's physic attack made Slattern all the more homicidal and dangerous. Slattern's Atomic Beam also gave him the advantage. Also, in the original story, Cthulhu's regeneration process specifically described how the two halves joined to reform, thereby indicating Cthulhu's immortality was simply an advanced healing factor. Slattern's toxicity was also a problem.

Winner: Slattern