Superman Edit


  • Heat Vision
  • Flight
  • Limitless strength
  • Arctic Breath
  • Healing Factor
  • Super speed
  • Infinite Mass Punch
  • Super hearing

Godzilla Edit


  • Atomic Breath
  • Hyper Spiral Ray
  • Regeneration
  • Can absorb lightning
  • Nuclear Pulse


Godzilla is attacking Metropolis. Then Superman arrives.

Superman: Look buddy, I'm giving you the amount of seconds I defeat my enemies to turn that tail and walk away and never come back for eternity, before I use that tail as a torture device against you.

Godzilla roars at Superman.

Superman: I'll take that as a no, then.


Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath at Superman, but Superman dodges. Superman grabs Godzilla's tail and spins him around and throws him. Superman flies at Godzilla, but Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath at him. Superman fire his Heat Vision at Godzilla, but it does nothing. Godzilla grabs Superman and roars in his face before throwing him away. Superman picks up a building and smashes Godzilla with it. He then fires his Arctic Breath at Godzilla, slowly freezing him. Superman flies into space and flies back down toward Godzilla. But Godzilla breaks free and gets out of the way, allowing Superman to crash into the earth. A massive crater is formed. Superman flies out of it. Godzilla roars at Superman. Superman flies at Godzilla. Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath, but Superman dodges. Godzilla bites on his head and shakes him and throws him away.

Superman: You're tougher than I thought. Just not tough enough.

Superman then flies into space and enters the Sun. Godzilla waits patiently for Superman. He charges his Atomic Breath. Superman absorbs the Sun's energy. Superman flies down to Earth. Once Superman is in Godzilla's sight, he fires his Atomic Breath. Superman is unaffected. Godzilla realizes the danger he is in and gets out of the way, making Superman crash into the earth again, forming another crater. Superman flies out of it angrily.

Superman: Just keep still!

Superman grabs Godzilla's tail and spins him around and throws him into the air. He fires his Heat Vision. Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath, resulting in a beam fight. The Heat Vision seems to triumph over Godzilla's Atomic Breath. Suddenly, the Atomic Breath turns red and it starts to overpower the Heat Vision. Soon, it reaches Superman, resulting in a massive explosion. Godzilla lands on the ground and stands over Superman. He grabs Superman and looks at him before charging his Hyper Spiral Ray and throwing Superman into the air.

Superman: Big mistake there, lizard.

Superman flies to Pluto and down to Earth. Godzilla fires his Hyper Spiral Ray. Superman is unaffected. But this time, Godzilla does not run away. Instead, he grabs Superman and throws him away. Then a jagged bolt of golden green lightning strikes Godzilla. Godzilla then turns into Super Godzilla.

Superman: No matter how you change your looks, this battle will all be mine.

Super Godzilla roars at Superman. Superman flies at him. Super Godzilla rams Superman with his shoulder. Superman then starts exploding temporarily.

Superman: What the heck was that?

Super Godzilla then fires an empowered Atomic Breath. Superman grabs Super Godzilla's tail, but Super Godzilla shoots a blast from energy from it at Superman. Superman is unaffected and he throws Super Godzilla. Superman fires his Heat Vision at Super Godzilla, but Super Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath, resulting in a beam fight. Super Godzilla wins the beam fight, but Superman is unaffected. Super Godzilla then grabs Superman and throws him into the LexCorp building. Superman is then weakened by the infamous Kryptonite.

Superman: No...

Super Godzilla then grabs Superman and looks at him before throwing him to the ground. Super Godzilla then gets on all fours over Superman. He then fires his Navel Blast at Superman.


As Superman says his last words, he is obliterated by the blast.

Conclusion Edit

Superman was offensively stronger than Godzilla, but Godzilla has a much faster healing factor than Superman. The Kryptonite would also make him stronger, as Kryptonite contains certain radiation and Godzilla feeds on radiation. While Superman survived crazy things, Godzilla is also a survivor, as he tanked Kiryu's Absolute Zero Cannon. He also fought formidable enemies, like Zilla, Monster X, SpaceGodzilla and Destroyah. His size gave him the advantage over the Man of Steel.

Winner: Godzilla

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